A poem of mine, Walls, has just appeared at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

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Last, next.

83: Snowy Evening (15,901)
84: United States of Letterpress (Full Circle Press)

Snowy Evening, Letterpress

A poem of mine, “Demiurge,” is available now in Issue 6 of Wine Cellar Press. It’s a hay(na)ku, a poetic form I’ve been playing with since 2004 or so. (Learn more about hay(na)kus from its inventor, here.)

(I’ve added a short but important postscript to my Blot & Micro.blog post.)

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Blot & Micro.blog

(This post had been up for barely an hour before I felt the need to revise or at least amend it. See the postscript below…)

I recently made some changes to the structure of my website, and I thought I would briefly summarize why I made them, and talk a little about how I made the decisions I made.

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Almost forgot: I signed up for a Micro.blog account four years ago today, after reading this post by @brentsimmons. (It would, however, be a few months before my first post.)

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“Finished” in 2022

Waaay back in January of ’19, I resolved to finish reading two books of poetry each week.

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