It’s Bandcamp Friday (supposedly the last one), so might I suggest you buy yourself some new music? Perhaps something or something else by’s own @hollyhoneychurch?


Part one of Get Back, the new Beatles documentary, debuted today. It’s two and a half hours long.

It would have been longer but they cut the section where they meet Tom Bombadil.

It seems like only a year ago that I was featured in the long-running series My (Small Press) Writing Day. Not much of what I described has changed since then. Biggest change? Different notebook.

Fatigue is exhausting.

Simplicity is very complicated.

It’s that time of year once again when I find myself — fool! — considering Nanowrimo. It begins tomorrow, the twentieth since my first. I did it seven times in the Aughts, three times in the Teens. Only one win, 16 years ago. Maybe I’ll do a half-nano (24k), just for kicks.

After nearly three years of the worst laptop I’ve ever used, I just upgraded from a Retina MacBook Air to a 14" MacBook Pro.

I know we shouldn’t break a butterfly upon the wheel, but the butterfly keyboard can burn in hell.

After a brief trial over on my test blog, I’ve adopted the delicious new Tufte theme for (fleeting). As a former typographer, I find it absolutely stunning.

But the install process has reminded me that there are still some very kludgy things about’s backend.

I am so glad I managed to visit CW Pencils when I was in NYC in December of 2019 — because they are in the process of closing. My very last order arrived today, and I think I’m long overdue for another pencil post