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What I’m Reading I

Eunoia by Christian Bok.
Awkward, enfettered writing: longshots! stunts!

Names on the Land by George R. Stewart.
First edition hardcover, 1945: $8 used from Haven’t opened it yet; it’s on this list in a “place of honor” sort of way, because I plan on starting it tonight. If Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin doesn’t beat it out (which, to be honest, it might…).

InDesign Visual Quickstart Guide by Sandee Cohen.
Yes, I’m actually reading it, rather than merely consulting selected chapters and passages when I have a question; I’ve been using ID since version 1.0, but I’m always amazed at what I learn by reading user manuals. I’ve had the book for about three weeks and already it is festooned with post-it flags and dog-ears.

The Chronology of Words and Phrases by Linda and Roger Flavell.
It takes you from historic event to event, defining the words and phrases that entered English at each point. A brief history of English etymology. From castle and dungeon to catch-22 and cyberspace.

The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots by Calvert Watkins.
Open it anywhere and discover something. Gun is from the indo-european root “to kill, smite.” Guns are for killing people, not defense. Ah, but defense shares the same root! Guns are for killing and defense! what a bane!

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