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Let’s Do the "I Think It Had a Red Cover?" Again

Sure, Santa Fe has its share of famous people who have second (or third) homes in the area, like James Taylor and Robert Redford, or who visit frequently. But until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any of them. Ben, at the bookstore, said he saw Sam Donaldson at a local restaurant the other day. I was, of course, sick with envy.

Now, I suppose that because Very Cool Bookstore sells books at the Lannan readings, the list of famous people I’ve met includes: Lewis Lapham (distant, smokes Parliaments), Rita Dove (extremely personable and friendly – and a darn good poet), Tariq Ali (smug, vain). But these don’t really count, since I’m standing there selling books feverishly as they sit stoically a foot or two away, signing books while enduring the adoring fans as they gush incoherently (one grandmother announced to Mr Lapham, Oh, I’m definitely going to start reading Harpers!)

So yesterday, I at last had my first more or less real brush with fame (well, second, really, since I met Robin Williams at the SFMUG meeting a few months ago; but then, she founded it, so it’s only natural that she was there. And no, of course I don’t mean that Robin Williams.)

Tim Curry came in looking for a book we didn’t have in stock. He was very nice, even though he couldn’t remember the title and was sketchy on how to spell the author’s name. And given that my brush with fame occurred in the most impersonal of settings, the market transaction, I can’t say anything else, sorry.

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