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The Walk

Our walk yesterday was an unqualified success. We took the lightrail to Exchange Place, and the PATH to the WTC station, where you ride in through the excavation and foundations of the towers. We walked past City Hall Park, under the Woolworth building, and up onto the bridge.

Stopping halfway, you can look south across the harbor to Staten Island, the Bayonne Bridge, Verazano Narrows Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island. Looking north up the spine of Manhattan, with the Empire State and the Chrysler spiking upwards, the other bridges, Manhattan and Williamsburg, span at angles over the water.

We had lunch at a diner just at the Brooklyn end of the pedestrian walkway. We found our way to a long narrow park, empty of people and dominated by orderly rows of Beech trees.

We took the F Train home by way of the West Village, where we stopped off at Murray’s and picked up some Taleggio and young goatmilk Gouda. It made us miss Surdyk’s, but only a little.

Bleecker Street was thick with people strolling past street vendors, milling through the record stores and cheese shops. The sun was hot, but the air was dry and cool, making for perfect walking weather.

We arrived home by 4:30 or so to an airy and sun-filled apartment. Some Ben Webster on the iPod stereo, a loaf of crusty bread, crackers, and wine brought the day to a good finish.

And I should add that, since everything I have been doing lately carries Proustian reverberations, we found some madeleines yesterday as well, and we are having some with our coffee.

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