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Just now, over my morning coffee, I’m listening to an album from the early 70s, deep in the Era of LPs. Fortyish minutes, twenty-odd to a side. I know the topic was flensed to death all throughout the 80s and 90s by the pro-LP mobs on the A-side and the pro-CD thugs on the B – warmth & loudness, shrunken cover art, longevity & durability, blablabla – but the only thing that I ever really thought about was how LPs were comprised of two parts while CDs were one long arc.

And it has occured to me that even now, after well over two decades of CD hegemony, I still have not quite gotten used to the longer phrasing. I like to feel the pause between Act 1 and Act 2, even if I don’t get up from the couch to flip the platter or anything so quaint and sepia-tinted as that.

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