Cento: “I’m sittin’ on my watch, so I can be on time…”

Well, the whole thing started
at three o’clock fast. I pulled
into Nazareth, I was feelin’
about half past dead.

It’s been seven hours and
fifteen days? Two years,
seven months, and sixteen
days! Friday morning at
nine o’clock, don’t try to
turn it off. The regular crowd
shuffles in: they just
use your mind and they
never give you credit.

It’s too late tonight
to drag the past out
into the light. Ten o’clock,
night time in New York —
it’s not late, no no, just
early early early. It’s gone
eleven and the bar is shut.
That’s when my love comes
tumbling down, that’s when
you’re going to be mine.
I know who I want to take
me home. We’re gonna
let it all hang down.

It’s one o’clock and time
for lunch, hum dee dum
dee dum. One, two, three
o’clock, four o’clock rock.
Wednesday morning at
five o’clock, there’s a church
beside a park and it fills
the dying dark with
five strokes. Don’t say
goodbye, he’s just leaving
early: the morning
is just a few hours away…


(fleeting) @rnv