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Why is it that we don’t ask ourselves: “how can I be as hassle-free to my fellow creatures as possible? what can I do to ease their troubles and frustrations if at all possible?”

Well for one thing, even if people did ask such questions, it also depends on who’s included in the definition of “fellow creatures.” If it’s just “me and my kin — and everybody else can go fuck themselves” — then we end up with exactly the sort of vile, selfish, cranky world we have right now. People are obstacles, and you are wholly justified to be peeved and annoyed when they inconvenience you.

Someone in a car has pulled over and is idling in the bike lane. As you peddle past on your bike, you berate them and call them names. Your imagination fails to supply any explanation other than that they are stupid selfish assholes.

They could have pulled over because they’re having a heart attack, or just received word of some personal tragedy and they do not trust themselves to drive.

But who cares? They’re in your way and they should know better than to be a stupid, selfish asshole. You are more important than they are, you are more human than they are. Fuck them.

Without empathy, we each live in a tiny prison, its walls lined with mirrors.

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