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Chron Job

Here’s a thought I just had. To collate and then read all of Pynchon’s works chronologically.

It would go something like this.

  1. GR flashbacks of Katje’s ancestor, Franz van der Groov, on Mauritius (1750s)
  2. M&D (1761–69, 1786)
  3. ATD and then the flashback sections of V interleaved, leading up to the prewar sections of GR (1893–1944)
  4. the bulk of GR (1944–1945)
  5. the rest of V (1951–52)
  6. L49 (±1965)
  7. Vineland (±1969)
  8. (Inherent Vice (1971))
  9. the L.A. coda to GR (±1973)
  10. Vineland (1984)
  11. (Bleeding Edge (2001))

(Note, 5 July 2020: I have inserted Inherent Vice and Bleeding Edge, neither of which had been published when I first wrote this post.)

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