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Happy 85th to Thomas Pynchon!

I’m not going out today (too much to do at home) so here’s a photo from a previous Pynchon in Public Day—

A copy of Gravity's Rainbow beside an Old Fashioned cocktail

—at the excellent Volstead Speakeasy in (of all places) Eagan.

A wall of liquor bottles behind a bartender mixing a drink

Keep cool but care.

From July to September 2020, I posted pictures of bookmarks I’ve collected over the years. The original posts have returned to my archives, but now they are also all together on a single page here: Bookmarks

Front of Sixth Chamber bookmark

spine poem #9: hay(na)ku

The widening spell
of the

my life corrupted
into song.

unattainable earth where
now, as

testimony is music
beginning with

spine poem

spine poem #8

“Spring shade, spring essence.”
Song of the departed stranger.

Music, imitations, illuminations.

To be the poet even in quiet
places: Turtle Island, Flower
Wreath Hill, backroads
to far towns…

spine poem