About this Space

(fleeting) is hosted and powered by the eponymous Micro.blog, which is a community of blogs stitched together by a timeline that allows for posts and comments. It looks kinda like Twitter, but with a few critical differences: No likes, no follower counts, no trending hashtags. The result is something like many small, overlapping communities. Learn more here.

I am also a peripheral member of the Poetry Blogging Network.

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After many years away from blogging, the current version of this blog started in early 2018, powered by Wordpress. I moved to a hosted Micro.blog site about a year later. Most posts that predate March, 2018, are needlessly prolix bloviations from the deep past, dredged from several old and otherwise mothballed (and often pseudonymous) blogs dating from the early and mid Aughts.

If you want all that David Copperfield crap, see my About page for many unnecessary details. Email me, if you are so moved, at rnv at omg dot lol.