About This Space

(fleeting) is hosted and powered by Micro.blog, which is a community of blogs stitched together by a timeline that allows for posts and comments. It looks kinda like Twitter, but with a few critical differences: No likes, no follower counts, no trending hashtags.

I have been known to talk about pencils and poetry (my own and others’) here, but otherwise there isn’t much of a focus. The same goes for my other blog next door at A Foolish Consistency. Powered by the delightful Blot, AFC is something of a commonplace book as well as a warehouse for miscellaneous and needlessly prolix bloviations from the deep past, dredged from several old and otherwise mothballed blogs dating from the early and mid Aughts.

Oh, I suppose you want all that David Copperfield crap, too? See my About page for many unnecessary details. Email me, if you are so moved, at hello at letterspace.org. And you can buy me a coffee here, if you happen to find some loose change in the sofa cushions.

(fleeting) @rnv