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I found this in a used book I bought recently. The bookstore is still around.

Bookmark for Lake Country Booksellers in White Bear Lake Minnesota

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From July to September 2020, I posted pictures of bookmarks I’ve collected over the years. The original posts have returned to my archives, but now they are also all together on a single page here: Bookmarks

Front of Sixth Chamber bookmark

I found this in a book I just pulled off the shelf. The website is still live, mostly, but it doesn’t seem to be a brick & mortar shop anymore.

bookmark for a travel store in San Francisco

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I found this yesterday in, I’m guessing, the book that I bought there in the spring of 2001.

A little research shows it closed some time after moving from Montague St in Brooklyn Heights to Smith St in Brooklyn.

bookmark with a line drawing of the building with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and another drawing of a stack of books

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This morning, I went inside a bookstore for the first time since January 2020. I picked up part of an online order, I browsed, and I bought a few more books. It was almost normal.

Bookmark with a drawing of a stack of books whose titles spell the word tsundoku

the flipside of the bookmark showing the definition of the word tsundoku: acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up in one's home. See also smartpiling

And, of course, I grabbed a pinch of bookmarks.

a pile of bookmarks

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The last time I was in a bookstore was 55 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve bought every book online, most from independent bookstores or, when I could, directly from the publisher. Only one has thought to include some bookmarks.

two bookmarks from Brookline Booksmith

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