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And this brings us to the end of the run.


I will continue occasionally posting other bookmarks — and things that serve as bookmarks — as they turn up in my books. But I’ve posted something daily throughout April, May, and July–August, so I’m ready for a break.


An excellent bookstore so richly and lovingly stocked, it seems much larger than it is.

Birchbark Books

I picked up armloads of science fiction and fantasy here in the early 80s. Better selection that B. Dalton’s. And with a branch in the local strip mall, it was easier for middle-school me to get to than faraway Shinders or Uncle Hugo’s, both of which were rare, special visits.

Pickwick Discount Books

The most recent version I have, and the last for this series. Some friends sent me an envelope full of these in 2018, a few years after I had moved away.


The villain sweeps on stage and strikes a pose. We boo uproariously.

A bookmark from Amazon dot com

He basks in it, studying his fingernails, with the occasional imperious side-eye to the audience.

A bookmark from Amazon dot com

We love to hate him, and hate to love him. He’s the reason why the show is sold out for the whole run.

From the last days of the Hungry Mind. After selling their name to a short-lived online school, they rebranded, expanded into Open Book, then closed a few years later.

This wasn’t how the story was supposed to end, but this is apparently how the story usually ends.

Two bookmarks from Ruminator Books

We’re over two months into my bookmark tour. I have four envelopes stuffed with bookmarks, including one filled with dozens from Powells alone.

So… what am I using in the book I’m reading right now?


blank index card

File Under: “The Cobbler’s Children Go Barefoot”