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From 10 July to yesterday, I posted bookmarks from 43 different bookstores. Sixteen of them are closed and twenty-seven are still around. A better ratio than I was expecting.

But too many are gone without having been replaced, and we are poorer and more vulnerable for it.

I Read Banned Books

And this brings us to the end of the run.


I will continue occasionally posting other bookmarks — and things that serve as bookmarks — as they turn up in my books. But I’ve posted something daily throughout April, May, and July–August, so I’m ready for a break.

Sixth Chamber

An excellent bookstore so richly and lovingly stocked, it seems much larger than it is.

Birchbark Books

I picked up armloads of science fiction and fantasy here in the early 80s. Better selection that B. Dalton’s. And with a branch in the local strip mall, it was easier for middle-school me to get to than faraway Shinders or Uncle Hugo’s, both of which were rare, special visits.

Pickwick Discount Books

The most recent version I have, and the last for this series. Some friends sent me an envelope full of these in 2018, a few years after I had moved away.


The villain sweeps on stage and strikes a pose. We boo uproariously.

He basks in it, studying his fingernails, with the occasional imperious side-eye to the audience.

We love to hate him, and hate to love him. He’s the reason why the show is sold out for the whole run.

A bookmark from Amazon dot com

A bookmark from Amazon dot com

From the last days of the Hungry Mind. After selling their name to a short-lived online school, they rebranded, expanded into Open Book, then closed a few years later.

This wasn’t how the story was supposed to end, but this is apparently how the story usually ends.

Two bookmarks from Ruminator Books