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Antique Books in Annapolis MD

This turned up in a used book I bought in Salt Lake City, or possibly Santa Fe.

I wandered in during their first anniversary in May of ’96 and was instantly ensorcelled. I appeared in their short-lived lit mag, read at their open mics, and bought and sold tons of books.

Front of Sixth Chamber bookmark

Any closed bookstore is sad, but this one was especially hard.

Back of Sixth Chamber bookmark

A bookmark labelled bookmark from a bookstore called The Book Store. Reminds me of the yellow and black generic brands from the early 80s.

Based on its address and the bookmarks’ colors, this was possibly an earlier incarnation of SJSU’s campus bookstore.

The Book Store

I love this place.

Three Lives in Manhattan

(I did a doubletake when I saw the cover of Franzen’s How to Be Alone, not only because it’s a shot of Three Lives as Archetypal Indie Bookstore, but also because — who the hell bends back the front cover of a book like that before they’ve even bought it?)