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The Moon and Venus are in conjunction right now, with Jupiter nearby. Take a look, if it’s dark and clear where you are.

(And yes, that Schoolhouse Rock song is stuck in my head now.)

I’m still half asleep as I move about the dark kitchen, and I keep tripping over the patch of moonlight on the floor.

Is it nighttime where you are? Are the skies clear? Will this still be true in the next 2 or 3 hours? If so, you may want find a good view of whatever tranche of sky holds whatever Moon is visible to you, and look up.

PSA: Total lunar eclipse this Sunday for most of the western hemisphere and portions of the eastern hemisphere.

This morning I saw my first shooting star in many years. I happened to be looking right where it appeared. Falling due south just to the left (east) of Orion. It cut out abruptly as it passed Sirius.

Through the open window, I heard some Canada geese honking, close overhead. I looked out into the darkness. Mars looked back at me.