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From July to September 2020, I posted pictures of bookmarks I’ve collected over the years. The original posts have returned to my archives, but now they are also all together on a single page here: Bookmarks

Front of Sixth Chamber bookmark

Every day in May of 2020, I posted a randomly selected pair of books from my personal library in a series I called the Random Walk.

I’ve since removed them from the archives, and collected them here.

I also wrote an essay describing my process (chance takes a lot of planning).

After six years on a shelf, my old Olivetti has a room of its own.

typewriter on a desk

It’s National Poetry Month.

Since I am one of the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World, I guess I should do what I can to promote poetry.

This month, I will re-post nine “book spine” poems, composed of titles from my poetry collection, which I first posted four years ago.

For reasons that made sense at the time, I backed up all my archives, then deleted everything.

As a result, my blog is rather bare right now. I’ll be manually re-importing old posts, but much more selectively than the last massive import a few years ago.

Starting over.

a guitar standing in the corner of an empty room beside a large bay window looking out on trees and grass

I just remembered why I stopped offering free workshops years ago.