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After a brief trial over on my test blog, I’ve adopted the delicious new Tufte theme for (fleeting). As a former typographer, I find it absolutely stunning.

But the install process has reminded me that there are still some very kludgy things about’s backend.

Oh, I said I would be talking about pencils, didn’t I? Sorry, it’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Two Desenhos, two Bugles, and a Blackwing

Last, Next

In August 2015, I began documenting my Field Notes as I moved from one to the next. I would take a picture of the outgoing and the incoming, then make a brief entry in Day One, which I’d begun using in the summer of 2014. I don’t have photos of the first twelve, covering roughly my first year of using Field Notes as an everyday carry item. I’ve decided to move them out of Day One and onto my blog.

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From 10 July to yesterday, I posted bookmarks from 43 different bookstores. Sixteen of them are closed and twenty-seven are still around. A better ratio than I was expecting.

But too many are gone without having been replaced, and we are poorer and more vulnerable for it.

I Read Banned Books

We’re over two months into my bookmark tour. I have four envelopes stuffed with bookmarks, including one filled with dozens from Powells alone.

So… what am I using in the book I’m reading right now?


blank index card

File Under: “The Cobbler’s Children Go Barefoot”

Well, that was fun: I flipped through a bunch of books and took a bunch of pictures. Buckle up. Three bookmarks down, fifty-nine to go.