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(This post had been up for barely an hour before I felt the need to revise or at least amend it. See the postscript below…)

I recently made some changes to the structure of my website, and I thought I would briefly summarize why I made them, and talk a little about how I made the decisions I made.

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During my break, I made some changes to my blog and home page. I rolled my other blog into this one, manually importing tons of old posts from 2003 to 2007, and setting Blot to manage the top level of my domain. And there are some new pages here and there. More changes coming.

✏️ In April of 2020, I posted a brief profile each day of a different pencil from my personal supply. I’ve consolidated them all into a single page, here:

The Pencil Tour

lots of pencils in a mug

After a brief trial over on my test blog, I’ve adopted the delicious new Tufte theme for (fleeting). As a former typographer, I find it absolutely stunning.

But the install process has reminded me that there are still some very kludgy things about’s backend.

I’ve just finished writing two books. They’re very weird, and probably gibberish, but I suspect there’s perhaps — at most — fifteen people who might, briefly, find them curious or even somewhat bemusing. In other words: typical poetry manuscripts. Let’s see what happens next.