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six Cedar Pointe pencils

✏️ Day 28: General’s Cedar Pointe

This was the second General pencil I discovered, after the Kimberly. I used to find them in the craft section of Fred Meyer. For years, they were the most common pencil at my desk. And they are absolutely the coolest looking things.

General Semi-Hex, Badger, Supreme

✏️ Day 27: General’s Semi-Hex, Badger, and Supreme

Three excellent pencils. To my eye, they lay down almost identical HB lines, but the Supreme may be the darkest, the Badger feels a bit creamier than the others, and the Semi-Hex has a hollow feel, implying a less dense core.

General's Scribe and Pacific pencils

✏️ Day 26: General’s Scribe and Pacific

These both feel slightly firmer than true HB.

The Scribe, like the Bugle, is a fantastic minimalist pencil.

The Pacific was, for a time, in the running for my favorite everyday pencil, until it was superceded by another (stay tuned).

✏️ My pencil posts have become so wildly popular, I’ve found I can’t go out without being mobbed by fans.

So — and I know this is going to sound extreme — to keep from being recognized, I’ve taken to actually wearing a face mask every time I leave the house.

six General Kimberly pencils

✏️ Day 25: General Kimberly

During my pencil renaissance in the mid ’00s, these were the first pencils I fell for. I loved the green and gold — and that ferrule! I used 2H to 4H. (It was a long time before I moved to HBs.) And I started looking out for the “General” brand.

General's Test Scoring and Baseball Scoring pencils

✏️ Day 24: General’s scoring pencils

CWP’s Baseball Scoring pencil makes me miss my Mom, who was a huge baseball fan. She’d have loved this pencil. I remember sitting in the bleachers with her, filling out the ballot for the all-star game every year.

More Generals coming up.

three Try-Rex pencils

✏️ Day 23: Moon Try-Rex

Fairly smooth core on the soft side of HB. Given my preference for harder, grittier graphite, I can’t say exactly why I’ve fallen for the Try-Rex, but I have. It’s such a lovely pencil.

A view of two Try-Rex pencils from the end, showing their triangular shape

two USA Gold pencils

✏️ Day 22: USA Gold

Nice, easy pencils. A dozen for maybe $3. I can resist everything except temptation.

Made in the US, which means General, Musgrave, or Moon. I haven’t dug into this, so I’m not sure, but my gut sez Moon. The erasers are too good for Musgrave.

three Mongol pencils

✏️ Day 21: Mongol

Another classic. I can’t remember how long these three have been with me, in a pencil cup or drawer. Years. Exquisite core: smooth, dark, but firm. And you may have spotted one on the cover of this book.