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Book Freefall

Awhile back, I finished reading a book that left me wrecked for any book that might follow it. It doesn’t matter what the book was; I want to talk about this liminal moment. I have a term for it: book freefall

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Thinking about Lawrence Ferlinghetti today, here’s a link to something I wrote a few years ago. It’s more about my father than Ferlinghetti, really, but that’s the way of elegies sometimes: they go where they go.

On Poetry and Bullshit

The Magical Powers of a New Shirt

(I posted something about The West Wing a few days ago. (Oh, it was two weeks ago? Okay.) I trimmed a lot from the original draft because it felt too tangential. Well, here’s that tangent.) The Magical Powers of a New Shirt: on The West Wing, language, and violence 1: To Believe in Nothing and Dare All I’m standing in line during the commute rush. Across the coffeeshop, I think I spot two former co-workers.

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