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spine poem #4

Bedouin of the London
evening, nobody’s
Ezekiel, seeing

things of no country
I know — things

stirring together
or far away, imaginary
vessels, terrible blooms.

spine poem

spine poem #3

The novice insomniac, sleeping
with the dictionary, calling a wolf
a wolf…

My vocabulary did this to me.

spine poem

spine poem #2

Stealing sugar
from the castle,
playing the black
piano, passing
through broken
hierarchies: the heart

          is strange.

spine poem

spine poem #1

Oceanic codes,
appearing in
the middle distance
above the river, tug
the great enigma from
one life to another.

spine poem

It’s National Poetry Month.

Since I am one of the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World, I guess I should do what I can to promote poetry.

This month, I will re-post nine “book spine” poems, composed of titles from my poetry collection, which I first posted four years ago.