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1: Never rebroadcast since its original airing, it’s the genre-defying pilot, in which people say the word “accomplish” so many times it stops holding any meaning whatsoever.

4: In this week’s musical episode, Hal Holbrook, fresh off his Tony award-winning run as the Mysterious Stranger, joins the cast to sing about adjectives. (Originally performed and broadcast live!)

2: In this exciting episode, groundbreaking in its use of CGI, I answer the question, “What poets changed the way you thought about writing?” Special appearance by the late John Engman in a flashback.

5: It’s the shocking season finale!

To raise funds to save our gang’s favorite hang-out from foreclosure, I must perform a thrilling leap on water skis over a shark tank!

(And in the episode’s audio commentary, I talk about what I’m currently working on.)

In the spring of 2021, I participated in the ongoing — and truly wonderful — Poetry Mini Interview series.

With summer upon us here in the northern hemisphere, it’s time for re-runs, where episodes of TV shows are shown out of order, so nothing makes sense!

photo of a toy VW microbus with the words 'Poetry Mini Interviews: very short interviews with poets'

spine poem #9: hay(na)ku

The widening spell
of the

my life corrupted
into song.

unattainable earth where
now, as

testimony is music
beginning with

spine poem

spine poem #8

“Spring shade, spring essence.”
Song of the departed stranger.

Music, imitations, illuminations.

To be the poet even in quiet
places: Turtle Island, Flower
Wreath Hill, backroads
to far towns…

spine poem