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spine poem #9: hay(na)ku

The widening spell
of the

my life corrupted
into song.

unattainable earth where
now, as

testimony is music
beginning with

spine poem

spine poem #8

“Spring shade, spring essence.”
Song of the departed stranger.

Music, imitations, illuminations.

To be the poet even in quiet
places: Turtle Island, Flower
Wreath Hill, backroads
to far towns…

spine poem

spine poem #7

Overtime field work,
temporary help:
why aren’t you at work?

spine poem

spine poem #6

Mermaids in the basement
howl ravishing disunities.
These are not sweet girls.

spine poem

spine poem #5

Locusts at the edge of
summer, harping on all day.

Permanent red blood:
tin, straw, ashes.

For breakfast: scrambled
eggs and whiskey.

spine poem

spine poem #4

Bedouin of the London
evening, nobody’s
Ezekiel, seeing

things of no country
I know — things

stirring together
or far away, imaginary
vessels, terrible blooms.

spine poem

spine poem #3

The novice insomniac, sleeping
with the dictionary, calling a wolf
a wolf…

My vocabulary did this to me.

spine poem

spine poem #2

Stealing sugar
from the castle,
playing the black
piano, passing
through broken
hierarchies: the heart

          is strange.

spine poem

spine poem #1

Oceanic codes,
appearing in
the middle distance
above the river, tug
the great enigma from
one life to another.

spine poem