Culture or delusion: the distinction, often, rests on how many people share it.

Jewels and Binoculars

I don’t think poetry is necessarily after clarity, and I certainly never expect accuracy. I prefer a little slack between language and meaning, like the slack we find between language and the world itself.

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Twitter Replacement: A Tragicomedy in One More Act


E: Ingredients are just scattered around — and no drive-thru!
V: The deli has hot sandwiches… And candy by the check-out.
E: This is the worst McDonald’s replacement ever!
V: It’s a grocery store. You get to make your own meal.

Twitter Replacement: A Tragicomedy in Two More Acts


Estragon: These idiots have no idea how to play football!
Vladimir: This is a rugby match.


Estragon: That Suits episode made no sense.
Vladimir: It was the royal wedding.

Twitter Replacement: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts


Estragon: What a boring TV show!
Vladimir: You’re looking out a window.


Estragon: Terrible novel! The author drones on and on. No plot at all, just one pompous lecture after another.
Vladimir: You’re reading an encyclopedia.

My Actor’s Nightmare

This is a dream I had in high school. I’d had actor’s nightmares before this, of course – and I’ve had many others since. But this one was astonishing in its duration and complexity. Also, even as I was dreaming it, I thought it was hilarious.

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Every day in May of 2020, I posted a randomly selected pair of books from my personal library in a series I called the Random Walk.

I’ve since removed them from the archives, and collected them here.

I also wrote an essay describing my process (chance takes a lot of planning).

spine poem #7

Overtime field work,
temporary help:
why aren’t you at work?

spine poem

Hooray for a back injury that makes you cancel everything, including participating in an extremely special choral concert.

spine poem #6

Mermaids in the basement
howl ravishing disunities.
These are not sweet girls.

spine poem