During my break, I made some changes to my blog and home page. I rolled my other blog into this one, manually importing tons of old posts from 2003 to 2007, and setting Blot to manage the top level of my domain. And there are some new pages here and there. More changes coming.

Detail of a Field Notes wall calendar hanging from a nail

A Matter of Style

Jim Dodge, from the Foreword, The Gary Snyder Reader:

The last question came from a young man who wanted to know what Gary meant by the paradoxical statement that ends the seminal Four Changes: “Knowing that nothing need be done is the place from which we begin to move.”

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Henry Adams, The Education:

All New York was demanding new men, and all the new forces, condensed into corporations, were demanding a new type of man,—a man with ten times the endurance, energy, will and mind of the old type,—for whom they were ready to pay millions at sight. As one jolted over the pavements or read the last week’s newspapers, the new man seemed close at hand, for the old one had plainly reached the end of his strength, and his failure had become catastrophic. Every one saw it, and every municipal election shrieked chaos. A traveller in the highways of history looked out of the club window on the turmoil of Fifth Avenue, and felt himself in Rome, under Diocletian, witnessing the anarchy, conscious of the compulsion, eager for the solution, but unable to conceive whence the next impulse was to come or how it was to act. The two-thousand-years failure of Christianity roared upward from Broadway, and no Constantine the Great was in sight.

Time for a break until the new year.

✏️ In April of 2020, I posted a brief profile each day of a different pencil from my personal supply. I’ve consolidated them all into a single page, here:

The Pencil Tour

lots of pencils in a mug

Last, next.

82: Pitch Black (lined)
83: Snowy Evening (15,901)

Pitch Black, Snowy Evening

It’s Bandcamp Friday (supposedly the last one), so might I suggest you buy yourself some new music? Perhaps something or something else by Micro.blog’s own @hollyhoneychurch?


Part one of Get Back, the new Beatles documentary, debuted today. It’s two and a half hours long.

It would have been longer but they cut the section where they meet Tom Bombadil.