It’s a Wayne Shorter evening.

“I Am Spartacus!”

You know that scene where Faye is mailing letters and she hears “That Thing You Do” on the radio and she and the bass player run down the street screaming like lunatics and then they all dance around Patterson’s appliance shop?

Yeah, that.

Details to follow.

Discarded email drafts account for probably 99% of everything I’ve ever written in my entire life.

Happy Repeal Day to all those who celebrate.

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Cover for the jazz album Juba Lee by the Avram Fefer Quartet: Avram Fefer, Marc Ribot, Eric Revis, and Chad Taylor; showing a black stylized slightly cartoonish illustration of a human figure on an orange background with arms outstretched, holding what appears to be a fan in one hand and a rattle or magnifying glass in the other, wearing a long tunic with many small crescent moons or birds like chainmail

This morning, my mind is like, um, it’s like, oh what’s the word? Something fancy and cool. And super smart. C’mon. Think. Quicksilver? A sieve? An abandoned power station?

RIP Tom Phillips.

Well. Isn’t that just some of the best news I can’t tell anyone yet.

blue sky marbled with high cirrus clouds; the contrail of a transcontinental airplane passing left to right in the lower right; a faint sundog barely visible in the upper left

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Cover image for Brian Eno's album Ambient 1: Music For Airports