I found this yesterday in, I’m guessing, the book that I bought there in the spring of 2001.

A little research shows it closed some time after moving from Montague St in Brooklyn Heights to Smith St in Brooklyn.

bookmark with a line drawing of the building with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and another drawing of a stack of books

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18,628 days

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78: Nat’l Parks (Great Smoky Mtns)
79: 50 (Grass Stain)

Smoky Mtns, 50

A poem sequence I wrote in the late ’90s has just appeared in the newest Otoliths.

This morning, I went inside a bookstore for the first time since January 2020. I picked up part of an online order, I browsed, and I bought a few more books. It was almost normal.

Bookmark with a drawing of a stack of books whose titles spell the word tsundoku

the flipside of the bookmark showing the definition of the word tsundoku: acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up in one's home. See also smartpiling

And, of course, I grabbed a pinch of bookmarks.

a pile of bookmarks

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A very old poem of mine, called Elegy, was published today in the “inaugural expo” of Cool Rock Repository. It’s so odd to think that this poem is finally seeing the light of day after living in my files for nearly thirty years.

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77: United States of Letterpress (Erin Beckloff)
78: Nat’l Parks (Great Smoky Mtns)

Erin Beckloff, Smoky Mtns

🔗 Building Ages in NL “A Dutch data engineer wanted to find out the age of the building his son lives in and ended up creating a map, visualising the age of all of the Netherlands’ 10 million or so buildings.” (via)

My father was born in a house built in 1905.


The front of a brick house in the Netherlands in 1977 with me, aged 7, standing at the front door


A Google street view of the same house in 2018

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76: Kraft (graph)
77: United States of Letterpress (Erin Beckloff)

Kraft Graph, Erin Beckloff

The last post is up in my poetry mini interview.

It’s the shocking season finale!

To save our gang’s favorite hang-out from foreclosure, I must perform a thrilling leap on water skis over a shark tank. And in the audio commentary, I talk about what I’m currently working on.