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80: Trailhead (PCT)
81: Autumn Trilogy (Maple)

Trailhead, Autumn Trilogy

I am here, this is happening.

Seventy-seven years ago today, one of the two men I was named after was murdered by the Nazis.

So here’s what I wrote for the day’s date. Last Wednesday. And I didn’t notice the mistake for a few minutes.

September 8th 1992

The Magical Powers of a New Shirt: on 9/11, violence, language, and The West Wing.

I found this in a book I just pulled off the shelf. The website is still live, mostly, but it doesn’t seem to be a brick & mortar shop anymore.

bookmark for a travel store in San Francisco

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Last, next.

79: 50 (Grass Stain)
80: Trailhead (PCT)

50, Trailhead

Book Freefall

Awhile back, I finished reading a book that left me wrecked for any book that might follow it. It doesn’t matter what the book was; I want to talk about this liminal moment. I have a term for it: book freefall

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I’ve just finished writing two books. They’re very weird, and probably gibberish, but I suspect there’s perhaps — at most — fifteen people who might, briefly, find them curious or even somewhat bemusing. In other words: typical poetry manuscripts. Let’s see what happens next.

I found this yesterday in, I’m guessing, the book that I bought there in the spring of 2001.

A little research shows it closed some time after moving from Montague St in Brooklyn Heights to Smith St in Brooklyn.

bookmark with a line drawing of the building with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and another drawing of a stack of books

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