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@schuth I’m surprised no one has responded. Invoking the Words Of Power usually summons all the task manager wonks.

Here, let me try.

OmniFocus! Things! OmniOmniOmni! ThingsThingThings! Bullet Journal! Org… Mmmmode!


Anyway, my own experience adopting a task manager got complicated, and I eventually — and reluctantly — abandoned OmniFocus. (I’ll get into the details of what I did next some other time.)

I found the custom perspectives critical; and being able to customize the sidebar was an unexpectedly useful perk. And Focus mode was, for me, the secret killer feature.

That said, I found OF extremely powerful and useful even without these Pro features. Anyway, I think it’s possible to start with Standard and upgrade to Pro later.

You’ve been lurking over at the Omnigroup’s forums, right?

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