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@patrickrhone Wow, thanks, I’m glad you liked them so much!

I agree with @bennorris that “savillerhone" is kinda hard to parse. Maybe “saville-rhone” is worth snatching up, too? Curious that you registered dailythread singular. Was the plural unavailable?

Oh, and here are two more you probably won’t like nearly as much, but I chuckled when I thought of them: “Natty Threads” and “A Suitable Boy.”

And, um. Here’s another that’s so awful, I’m actually kind of offended that my brain would suggest something so stupid: “Coat(s) du Rhone.” (I don’t know if it’s better to take out the S for the true homophone, or leave it in for the visual pun. It’s probably better to just stop listening to me at this point!)

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