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@kitt @smokey That’s exactly how we were talking of it when we first discovered the water — especially because we’d already resolved that, as much as possible, we would only keep things in the unit (or “the shed” as we call it) that fall into that vague category of “useful, but not valuable.” Seasonal stuff, or things that we’ll need once we move out of the TINY apartment we’re currently renting.

So, we’re actually pretty calm about the whole thing. (And the management company is doing everything right, so that’s a relief.) It’s just the brute physical output of sorting through and shuffling 50sqft of stuff around cold concrete hallways all day that’s going to be a drag. I mean, of course we’re expecting some unpleasant surprises, and we’re already tired from the week — but it’s not like we’re Gandalf facing the balrog or anything.

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