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@smokey @manton I like this idea a lot — and I have many Very Strong Opinions, which will require numbered lists and so forth. And possibly banging my shoe on the table.

I think users should have the choice to keep their timeline as minimal or maximal as they want, which is why I am advocating so strongly for a new dedicated tab to display subscribed tagmoji & conversations (as well as any conversations the user has participated in) — regardless of whether any of these would also appear in the user’s main Timeline.

So in the Accounts section on the Web, you’d have the following options:

(“Show all posts of those you follow” is default.)

  1. Show all mentions of those you follow. (Best to discover new conversations and people to follow.)
  2. Show mentions only to people I’m following. (Includes fewer posts in busy timelines.)
  3. Show all replies in “subscribed conversations.”
  4. Show all comments and replies in “subscribed tagmoji.”

{Edit Subscribed Conversations}
{Edit Subscribed Tagmoji}
{Edit Muted Users}

Users must have either (1) or (2) checked, but can optionally check (3) and/or (4) — or neither. When either (3) or (4) are unchecked, those conversations will only appear in the dedicated “Converations” tab, keeping your main Timeline cleaner and less cluttered.

The two new {Edit…} buttons take you to where you can manage your conversations and tagmoji subscriptions, just like managing muted users. You would mute or unsubscribe from them here, and if you wish to have only a few selected conversations or tagmoji appear in your main timeline, you’d control that here, too.

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