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@Bruce My old acting teacher told the best “cursed Scottish play” story I ever heard. He claimed it was all true — a production he directed, so he was there. (And anyway, we both know Noises Off is a sober documentary, right? Like Tertullian sez, I believe it because it’s absurd.)

Anyway: It was during a heatwave in a crowded space with no AC, so audience members were passing out. During a duel, the safety tip came off one of the foils, so one actor stabbed the other. Another actor, suffering heat exhaustion, stumbled back stage, fell down a flight of stairs, and broke his leg. And, at some point during the performance, a stray dog somehow found its way in from outside and wandered on stage — but the worst of it was, no one had the presence of mind to say to the dog, Out, damned Spot!

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