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@smokey I agree with @bix that this sounds a little “over-zealous.” My blog and its content come first, and communities/norms/rules come second. I own my content: I post it on my blog, which is out on the Internet, visible to anyone in the universe with a browser. It’s not exclusively a part of, even if it’s a M.b-hosted blog. That my posts are also accessible to M.b folks who have chosen to integrate them into their timelines by “following” me is of secondary concern to me. (They don’t want to hear my incessant fart jokes anymore? Okay: they can mute me, or unfollow me. Or they could actually engage with me, asking what’s the deal with all these fart jokes? — or, at worst, they can report me.)

I think this conversation got muddy when people started talking about why they might want only some of their content to feed into I don’t care about the “why,” and I’m not sure why anyone else does either (especially since there’s no single “because”). I only care about the functionality that’s being discussed: Can I selectively cross-post my M.b content to other services, can I selectively cross-post content from other services to M.b, and can I do this easily?

(Apologies if I’m missing something here, because I’ve read through this conversation several times, and I keep feeling like I might be missing something.)

(And please be mindful of the “weed” metaphor. “Weed” is a problematic category, defined solely by a thing’s perceived value and usefulness. Neither an algorithm nor a community’s rules and norms can predict or accurately prescribe what I’m going to find valuable or useful. Heck, most of the time, even I can’t predict what I’ll find valuable or useful… So: let in the weeds!)

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