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@macgenie @strandlines @helgeg @cn Oh! Don’t get me started about Until the End of the World... Count me among the rabid fans. Yes, we need a support group!

I saw it in Edinburgh during its initial run, when I was living in Scotland in 1992. We came out of the theater well after midnight. It had rained but now the sky was painfully clear and shards of the Moon flickered in every stark puddle. Sharp enough to draw blood. But even so: the real world was a shadow and only the movie was real. It possessed me for days.

Back in the States, I rented it on VHS dozens of times over the next few years. But I never managed to buy a copy, and now I haven’t seen it in maybe 25 years. But sometimes, I still think I can play whole scenes in my head as if I had just watched it yesterday. The soundtrack, too, was profoundly influential for me.

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