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@richnewman I generally dislike “writing prompts,” but I always seem to be using some form of constraint, especially word- or syllable-counts, and sometimes a found phrase. I hadn’t done a true chance operation exercise like this in many years, and it hadn’t gone well, so I was nervous about how this one would go. I was so pleasantly surprised (except for one or two days that were total train wrecks), that I think using coin tosses and dice rolls will, one way or another, continue to be a big part of my writing practice this year.

Am I “good at” doing constraints like this? I dunno, but the things I produced weren’t completely craptastic, and some of them, if you squint, almost resemble poems. So that’s something.

The pencil posts were so nice to do: to focus each day on something small and local. Once I ran out of pencils, I wasn’t sure what I would do after that, until I settled on the daily random walk thru my personal library. It’s having the same grounding effect: to do something small, just for me, every day.

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