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@docuguy I agree that Leuchtturm 1917s are wonderful. Love the page numbers and the paper. The larger A5-sized format have been my first choice for my journal for some years — though at the moment, I’m working my way through a small stack of Moleskines I bought on sale recently.

I haven’t tried the A6-sized L1917s but, oddly, I’m not sure I’d want to: I love starting new notebooks so much, and with FNs, I get to do that every 48 pages. Also, FNs feel just cheap enough for me to treat them like shit then move on. Notebooks that seem too nice can make me self-conscious about the totally mundane things I'm using them for, you know?

(fyi: Due to a technical problem, I deleted and republished the post you commented on, so this conversation is floating unmoored in the trackless sea of M.b comments…)

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