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@crossingthethreshold Pencils and paper for almost everything, but once it goes onto the computer, It depends on the project. Scrivener for all drafts of my poetry. Byword on the Mac and 1Writer on iOS for managing Blot. MarsEdit for Microblog. Bear for ongoing notes, snippets, braindumps, drafts. Drafts for transient notes that will end up elsewhere. (I used iA Writer for a few years, and liked it well enough, but I found its navigation was wonky, and they refuse to allow access to Dropbox on iOS for no reason they can explain to me or anyone else.)

If it weren’t for the absolutely bonkers way Ulysses handles Markdown — like it knows better than I do what I want — it would swiftly replace everything but Scrivener and Drafts for me. But I simply can’t make it behave the way I know it should behave. In fact, I’ve rage-quit Ulysses twice over the years, and I really don’t want to get burned again. So if someone could show me how to make it write markdown like Byword but otherwise be Ulysses in all its glory, I would happily pay them any sum they ask.

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