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@rnv @gpittman I admit I was a tad colorful in my paraphrase because I like to make my anger as entertaining as possible, but I found their reply rather condescending. What they actually said was:

Ulysses aims to remove all complicated aspects from Markdown. Links are complicated, have a discrete complex syntax and thus can easily break—add a space in the wrong place and the link is no longer a link. This can't happen in Ulysses.

Please. That’s also true of spelling in English, but I can tell an app not to auto-correct what I type. I need apps to do what I tell them to do. They are not, in fact, smarter than I am. I don't need saving from myself. And if I do need saving, I’m sure as hell not going to rely on some random writing app to do it. We don’t need technology solutions for education problems.

They also said, and I quote, that Ulysses is “not a Markdown editor.” Really? They must be the only ones who think so!

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