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@chipotle I agree totally. I’ve been using Drafts for, gosh, since version 3 in 2013 or so. I’ll never give it up. But I’ve never really used Drafts in its fullness, and my recent reassessment of my digital workflow made me truly grok how it can offer me so much more of what I want and need than I ever realized.

I had resolved earlier this week that I simply couldn’t figure out how to engage with Ulysses, and so I had just finished refreshing and refining my workflow resolutely without Ulysses — only to have some scales fall from my eyes.

I tend to do massive work upfront on my process, so that I can just work fluidly for as long as I can before my workflow breaks. Every five to ten years is typical and ideal. Thankfully I am, at the moment, in the mood and mindset to break everything and rebuild it all, so I'm going to be deep in the shed for the next three or four days, hammering on Ulysses, putting it through its paces. Report to follow.

// @peterimoore

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