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@crossingthethreshold Obviously there’s a great deal of personal preference & bias, but—

For one thing, there was an ease of use with the Archive, and things just seemed to click for me, whereas setting up nvUltra felt arduous. I found nvUltra’s settings far more intimidating. It certainly seems like there’s a lot of power in nvUltra, but just looking at that Settings pane makes me tired.

Also, the vast bulk of the documents in my junk drawer originated in Bear or iA Writer, both of which use #tags in plain text within each file (unlike, say, Drafts or Ulysses, where tags are more likely part of the metadata and, depending on how you export the data, can be lost). Anyway, the #tags are hotlinks in Archive: I can click on one and it’s like a search for that term. Sure, I could copy/paste the #tag in nvUltra, but that’s a few extra steps.

So basically, Archive just works to my expectations, whereas nvUltra seems fussier.

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