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@pimoore @twweaver @jayeless I also use Markdown/plaintext for everything I can, but in my experience, it’s useless for any text (such as poetry) that requires complex formatting during the composition phase, such as indenting and other spacings that treat the page like a field (e.g. words floating everywhere) rather than like a list (e.g. words, lines, paragraphs anchored to the left margin). MS Word or Scrivener seems to be the only option. And as for posting online, there doesn’t seem any solution other than learning CSS. (But I’d love to hear from anyone who has different experiences!)

I’ve been thinking about all this a lot recently, and while I haven’t managed to blog about it yet, I talked about it briefly in this comment a month or so ago (on the heels of my tumultuous testing of Ulysses).

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