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@richnewman Sure! My Blot site was originally at, and I had an index/landing page and an About page at, served from my registrar/hosting company. I needed to change some DNS settings at my registrar/hosting company (which I won’t go into, since the details probably vary between hosting companies), but now points to Blot. I’ve removed all the files from the “Posts” folder and set one page in particular to be the front landing page.

Blot is a great CMS for more than just blogging. Not everything is a blog post, and I wanted a good place for the sorts of writing that don’t benefit from being scattered in reverse chronological order along a blog’s timeline (and where I don’t have to muck about in html/css all the time). Both Blot & MB have “pages,” but I prefer how Blot manages them, so, other than a few (like this and this), most pages (like this and this) are up at the www level.

And I like that I’m still using & supporting both MB and Blot, without feeling like I had to have two blogs.

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