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@toddgrotenhuis I’m with @odd. Maybe it’s out of context, but it seems to me that the quote is missing a crucial word. I would agree if she’d said something like: “…does not always mean…” or “…does not necessarily mean…”

As it stands, the quote is simply shaming people with anxiety into thinking their feelings are not valid, that they’re “overreacting” or something. How does she know what my anxiety does or doesn’t mean? Anxiety certainly can be nothing more than a state of elevated stress and vigilance. But can also be an important early warning sign of an unsafe or toxic situation.

Experiencing anxiety is not the problem; not knowing what the anxiety means and what to do about it is. And some random person on the Internet can’t tell me what my feelings mean. There is no single “meaning.”

Indeed, for some of us, conflict can resemble abuse so closely as to be indistinguishable. Abusers routinely use “conflict” as a cover for their abuse. In my experience, it’s the abusers who are always saying, it’s no big deal, just calm down, why are you freaking out, it’s not what you think.