@Alligator I tend to think of it as a way of having a daily writing habit, like the morning pages of “the artists way” fame. My first year (2001) I simply threw everything out and started from scratch whenever I got stuck (or bored), which happened maybe every few days, so I had at least seven or eight completely unrelated stories going at once that I’d switch back and forth between. Just to be in front of the keyboard. Then, in 2007 and 2009, I wrote sequels to the best (or least bad) threads from my 2001 Nano. Sure, you’re “supposed to” start (and finish?) a new novel during the month, but the way I see it, it’s my game, my rules.

@rnv @pimoore On the scale of things I would curse my enemies with, the butterfly keyboard is just below Ungrateful Offspring With Exasperatingly Naïve Political Views and slightly above Everyone Constantly Asking You To Repeat Yourself No Matter How Clearly You Enunciate. Not remotely in the range of, say, plagues of frogs or locusts — but still very, very irritating.

This will go down as one of Apple’s worse missteps. Imagine if they had spent five years making Titanium PowerBooks and flatly refusing to acknowledge there was anything wrong with the hinges.

@maique Feels like I've been living in this game since last week. I honestly don't remember what I did all weekend, although presumably I ate and slept at some point. Dreamt of little colored buildings, and balconies, and gardens.

@terrygrier I know: it's a real shame! But this just means we all need to seek out local options, if at all possible...

@manton On the other hand, it’s also shown me how much faster things are — posts (and changes/edits to posts & pages) appear really quickly. I guess I’ve been around long enough to still remember how glacially slow things were sometimes. It was very nice to be reminded that those dark days are long over.