@pimoore @leeschneider @pratik I can't answer for Lee, obviously, but I know that you can design your own markup via the "markup" pref panel β€” it's extremely customizable. It is a lot of work up front, but once I did that, I was very close to adopting Ulysses as my swiss-army-knife, all-purpose writing app, not just for Blot but for everything. Setting up my own custom export filters and formatting helped, too, but in the end, I felt I already had a flotilla of apps that did exactly what I wanted/needed, with far less jiggery-pokery, and either cheaper subscriptions or one-time buys. Too bad, because there is SO MUCH to love about Ulysses.

@pratik I think there are probably plenty of Ulysses/Blot users, but I'm not one of them. Last year, I tried to use Ulysses with Blot, and Ulysses' quirky behavior is what drove me away.

Because it's not actually a markdown editor, Ulysses uses its own proprietary styling β€” for example, using four dashes instead of three asterisks for section breaks; inserting escape characters before slashes; reformatting hyperlinks β€” all of which may break or mar your own markdown formatting.

Unless you devise your own custom Markdown theme (which is doable, but clunky), you may find Ulysses more work than it's worth β€” especially if you sometimes want (or need) to use real markdown editors as well as Ulysses to edit or create documents for your Blot site.

And let me repeat something extremely important: Ulysses is not a Markdown editor. You can force it to behave like one under certain circumstances and after extensive customization, but if you've ever used iA Writer, or Bear, or 1Writer, or Byword, or Drafts, or Marked, (or etc etc), then you should be prepared to enter a battle of wills with Ulysses as it demands that you to format everything according to its own particular ways rather than according to Markdown's open and universal syntax.

@Cheri I remember that post, and I remember the series of events that prompted it. But because he was around for another year or more after that, I guess I hadn't considered that they might be more connected. But it makes sense.

@ericmwalk @maique Yeah, when I did a similar weeding, there were plenty of Helloworlders, but just as many folks who just... faded away after a while.

@maique I did that a while back, too. I think I weeded out nearly a third of who I’d been following. There were so many brave β€œHello World!” and β€œI want to start blogging more!” messages, followed by silence. But there are a few long-gone Micronauts I will continue to keep in my Following list, in case they reappear as suddenly as they vanished β€” especially @Smokey, who was such a warm, positive voice in the community during its first few years...